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Feshen in sefdermoss vilweer

Isserat ut gyoy...va hosh jilgellit fersan hor torm? Gissandir, jask wrondoine tris selmet dring tatcher simdra. Ut, sporrill vamder "ogshan?" Drel, chirge klaynes domrow in repnesh sertath. Hor moy strods...va mollot dor besweer stesh telwer je ne sais pas. Tweers - orlim hor vessendrai va...

In hor ternen
Elchernick blen
Nanver gisten
Frem ternay,

Hwoad mar yassen
Va srigelnen
Orsten visten

Vel poim fenden
Ut va roinden
Turjer guirden
Jindith quay,

Toiper twelsten
Vel pormoinen
Erdas ut lenn
Graif, jorlay.

Gershest hor quorlish, teryen? Joist narmet vel queet mor torindla jomni len wertulsher sostim mif marl. Perwid hons quay - shondrais dercleg trest vel ondreff. Gur hailden tonst gasdint mareid palriss. Viffen wergyu nofiss wern, nesyem ut golgrens coshmonet (hor coshmanet...) jerweel lowd vel cloidnaines.

Sheftal va polnemas vif namstin?

Mayla traist delecrom hor mif brinalar, hor lella sastef torshim sellenste inglissimer in gellish darl. Kiffid taygeen ut farred laidur haihel lor selmet. Wol tassit serst hons wer lestee verdrin plairma in gaionner fosti hor cromish glastyer straup. Sarden vel rywel smait noystorvum hilvenie. Ut gosna lishgit kirl, vamder hor persined wilnoss malharam mollot vel jarmish.
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Nhbwerh swgr s aer =)



February 6 2002, 10:04:27 UTC 16 years ago

Vechts yevil javu kagen. Je, patina ture gella desol; celos richlo kage faset!

Febor teb gical?

K.G. Vebo tod va maged... padun tant pim?
hubris endomorph! flaccitude mandible vociferous mcnostril. planetary diffidence pharmaceutical thorax :-)
speak english yes no? ish me be different speak normal yes uh huh... thot your entries were german language in yes yes? no but me know much good words... look look "hier kommt der sonne" yes good quote from good music rammstein yes yes... k i put stupid your test toasty in journal of mine... me no stupid me knew it was a fake one of course... but i put it anyways to show pic which be beautiful in my journal page ah huh. k smoke weed bye now
I really doubt that is german.
Crazy Americans.. that's not German.
Actually, it is German. It means "Here comes the sun."

But, I doubt you'll believe me anyway.

:: skitters off back to her dark hole of random insanity and whatnot ::
i don't even remember making that post...wtf. umm, hi.
=O.o= Heh. Ello.
hehe, the strange thing is i don't speak a lick of german, so i don't know why i would say such a thing. 'tis a mystery...
**shrugs** Hyperness, maybe? Or just general randomness? I say some weird shit sometimes when I'm hyper. But then again, that's just me.