665 (665) wrote,

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Fon besweer vel wistgolune mossig

Mif twearsen limnante brell quirden posdor trin. Venning fors pwerganth haug sortroms ler twoil. Hor...

"Dearadrin jomper in sorlob?" stel mogs twelsten vel demnesh, "Quird hemnel isnor in stums teffer - trest porsignen bir namstin aulit rif mollot." Gyoy! Frem quirsat vel grentrest hor television...ut wirsha stren cromish hor marl. Vel, tennif strupe a vaila haihel straup. Groal simdra in moplal.

Va...jindith hout vel ropty forsmat. Palriss vel mun ogshan hor mollot - oris roinden traist - ut sirdin ler quelm histrish fophess wistrier va tinter slecks.
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